Launched in 2020, the SFCCC is sponsoring a podcast focusing on helping businesses work better. And with the change of business caused by the Covid Experience, now more than ever every business needs an infusion of ideas to help them succeed.

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Episode Number 9 Tom sits down with Kelli Holms, the founder and CEO of Team Referral Network, a nation wide network of businesses with one goal, to refer business to each other and Achieve More! The discussion hits on a wide range of topics from building your network to establishing power partners, and a lot more. Give a listen and thanks for being a part of Small Business Weekly.
  1. Team Work
  2. Oh Shift !
  3. Interview: Lynda Roth
  4. Lawyers Insurance and Money
  5. Three Pilars
  6. SEO, and other Acronyms
  7. Fashion Show
  8. Pep Talk
  9. The Arc of your Business