Launched in 2020, the SFCCC is sponsoring a podcast focusing on helping businesses work better. And with the change of business caused by the Covid Experience, now more than ever every business needs an infusion of ideas to help them succeed.

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Meet the Rep with Luz Rivas Small Business Weekly

It's our big Episode 10! Hard to call it an anniversary, but it's gotta be some kind of milestone! In celebration Tom interviews the Assemblywoman from the 39th District of California, Luz Rivas. Luz grew up right around the corner from SBW central. She talks with  Tom about growing up in the area, and how she got from San Fernando High to MIT and finally to the state assembly. As business people being aware of what our government is doing and connected to those who make things happen in government is vital. So listen in to this one and get to know your representative, and how she can help you and your business thrive. For notes and more visit the SCCC web site at
  1. Meet the Rep with Luz Rivas
  2. Team Work
  3. Oh Shift !
  4. Interview: Lynda Roth
  5. Lawyers Insurance and Money
  6. Three Pilars
  7. SEO, and other Acronyms
  8. Fashion Show
  9. Pep Talk
  10. The Arc of your Business