The San Fernando City Chamber of Commerce exists to serve the diverse business communities of San Fernando by supporting strong ties to government while advocating on the behalf of its members.


The San Fernando City Chamber of Commerce is building better companies through education, advocacy and promotion of the San Fernando Business Community.

The San Fernando City Chamber of Commerce is part of a long  tradition of business leadership, established almost a century ago when San Fernando was the only incorporated city in the Valley. Today, surrounded by Los Angeles, San Fernando has a thriving and growing business community, and is an outstanding city for businesses relocating. Access to city staff, an independent police department, and an aggressive growth agenda via the SFCCC, puts San Fernando and our chamber at the forefront of a growth agenda for 2020. Even with the debacle that has been Covid-19, our members and leadership are optimistic about the business future of San Fernando.

Our board of directors is made up of young and experienced members alike who are driving our vision for an active business climate. Click Here to see our executive and standing board members.

If your interested in Joining please go to our join now page and sign up. We are excited to introduce new members of all types to our growing community of businesses. Current members who would like to get more involved in committees and activities can email our offices or give us a call at 818-982-7206.


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