Every community is made up of many components, residents, city workers, schools, and businesses. The San Fernando City Chamber of Commerce is an organization that represents all of San Fernando by helping to build a better business business environment.  Today, with 22,000 residents and over 1,000 businesses of every size, this community is thriving with opportunity, and the SFCCC is here to help draw better businesses into town, and help those here thrive.

Membership Pricing:

Residential or Non-Profit:                    $150.00/year

Small Business Membership:               $250.00/year

Enterprise Business Membership:      $500.00/year

To join, just click here and fill out our membership form. One of our Chamber members will contact you to complete your membership process and get you set-up.

If your interested in supporting the chamber with event sponsorship, board sponsorship, participating in committees or through other means, please contact us at Media@sanfernando.com. We encourage our members to get involved and help us grow through better service to our business members.