Chamber Mall and City work together to improve Downtown

San Fernando has begun a transformation that promises to bring a host of new businesses, new retail, and new entertainment. There is a very real possibility our DownTown area will transform into a destination of the Valley for shoppers and business. At the forefront of this change, the SFCCC is working closely with our city administration and the Downtown Association to help move the needle on small and large changes.

First on our list is trash collection. Getting dirty dealing with trash may seem obvious, but parts of our downtown have been neglected by merchants, customers and the city. The Chamber and Mall are both committed to cleaning up the area and providing both new and returning customers the cleanest place we can. Meetings with our trash collection contractor Republic Services, and the city have resulted in a better schedule for pickups and better collection of trash in the mall area. We also want to reach out to all merchants, restaurants, and businesses in town for their help. Improvement doesn’t happen in a bubble, and we need everyone to make a clean shopping area their highest priority. Each business in town retail or not, needs to keep a clean business front. Maintain and repair gates, doors, glass and fixtures. Least of all we all should be picking up trash and keeping our streets clean and free of filth. Our efforts with Republic and the city will only help pickup whats IN the trash bins. When trash blows down the street, its all our responsibility to clean things up.

While were talking about keeping things clean, if you have graffiti, or some other vandalism, contact the city immediately by phone or this email address. Our city has committed itself to clean graffiti, clean sidewalks, and removal of trash.

If you get to work early you may have noticed that the city has begun hot power washing the sidewalks in the mall again. Through our efforts we have worked with the city to get this service back on schedule. You and your business can also help by NOT SELLING GUM!! One of the most destructive and dirty elements that causes our city streets and sidewalks to look bad is the proliferation of gum on the sidewalks. Those dirty black spots just don’t go away without some serious cleaning. So the best way to cut down on this is not to sell it. everything you can do to help us keep our mall clean will help everyone be more successful.

your chamber is working on many other initiatives including better parking for customers and employees, a new film commission to manage and better work with film production in the city, improvements in lighting in both the shopping districts and parking lots, and much more. watch here for future posts about these and other SFCCC initiatives.


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